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Billy & Lilly go to NY

Billy & Lilly go to NY

Billy & Lilly to to New York

When critically acclaimed maverick director Bill Maloney goes to New York to represent his nominated feature film at a NY film festival, he decides, because of his gritty working class roots, to bypass the festival glitz, in favor of shooting a documentary about the under privileged and homeless people of New York.

Maloney began his project in London whilst waiting to hear if he had funding, When the budget news finally came it allowed for only two people.

Maloney and his camerawoman Lilly Starr take to the streets of London and New York with the passionate intention to highlight the plight of the sick and homeless. His anti-establishment attitude and aggressive style of reporting put fear into the hierarchy of our planet. Billy and Lilly were killed fighting for ‘Right’.


Billy & Lilly go to New York

Billy & Lilly go to New York

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