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‘Billy & Lilly go to New York’ for film followers who have a passion for truth and justice. You already believe that you cannot rely on official sources of information and realise that you need to look at alternative media in order to gain a better understanding of the world’s ruling establishments such as the Monarchy, Religious Institutions and Parliamentary and Federal Authorities. You may already believe that governments allow crime because it is profitable!

Presenting the truth can be dangerous!

Click to Order: Billy and Lilly Go To NY Movie on Pay Per View Only $11

PAY-PER-VIEW INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the above link. The credit card transaction is between you and the owner of this video. Any questions or concerns regarding this credit card transaction should be directed to the owner of this video at:
After purchasing this Pay-Per-View you will be able to watch this 115-minute video for up to 229 minutes within the next 24 hours.
Please click the “play” button to watch the video after your purchase. Or you may need to return to your email confirmation and follow the instructions.  ENJOY!

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